Concrete Products

Ready Mixed Concrete:

We deliver Ready-Mix concrete throughout the Northland. Whether you are working as a general contractor, a home-builder or working on a weekend project, we can deliver the concrete to meet your needs.

Ready-mix concrete is a highly technical product that is specific for every application. There is not a blanket product; however, through our 8 decades of service, we can fulfill any need or requirement our customer is after

We have three different style trucks:

1. 53’ Mixer Mounted Conveyor (model 53” Theme)
2. 105’ Conveyor Truck, for when placement of the truck logistics are required
3. Front discharge mixers, all-wheel drive.

All of our facilities are state certified and computer controlled to produce the most consistent quality concrete in the area.

Ask about our colored/decorative products for your next concrete project.

Concrete Blocks:

Our concrete block business started in 1937 and we offer a wide variety of colors, thicknesses, and sizes.

We produce, stock and deliver a full selection of blocks at our Arrowhead (Duluth, MN) and Brenny-Dahl (Cloquet, MN) locations. Our Lakehead (Superior, WI) plant stocks a smaller selection of blocks available to pick up at the plant.

Bagged Concrete, Mortar and Lime:

We stock cement, mortar, lime, calcium chloride and premixed concrete and mortar mix products for pickup or delivery by our boom trucks. If required, we can make arrangements for bulk delivery by flat-bed or pneumatic trailers.

Washed/Screened Sand and Gravel:

We are able to deliver a range of products including concrete sand, mason sand, washed/screened rock and recycled concrete base material in large dump truck quantities or in smaller quantities using our versatile boom trucks.

These products can also be picked up at any of our locations. We regularly have customers that come in to pick up all sizes of loads - from 5 gallon pails to 2 yard dump trailers to 14 yard dump trucks

Colored/Decorative Concrete Products:

Our precision color batching system allows us to custom color our customer's Ready-Mix concrete, concrete block, and masonry mortar needs. Remember - gray is not the only option! We also sell dry bagged color that can be used to make colored mortar for brick/block/stone work or for use in small hand mixed batches of concrete. Click below for concrete and block integral color options.

Arrowhead Concrete - Ready Mix Color Chart

LOGIX - Insulated Concrete Forms:

We are a distributor of LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs).

ICFs can be used to build all types of structures from residential foundations to single story above ground buildings to multi-level commercial buildings.

Ease of construction, sound suppression, and energy efficiency are three good reasons to look at using LOGIX ICFs on your next construction project.

For more information visit their website:

Versa-Lok Retaining Walls:

We have been a distributor of the Versa-Lok retaining wall system for 25+ years.

This interlocking retaining wall system can be used to create designs in shape, size, and colors limited only by your imagination.

Willow Creek Paving Stones:

We are a distributor of Willow Creek Paving Stones products.

These interlocking concrete paving stones are one of the most versatile ways to improve the landscaping of your property. The stones come in a wide range of shapes, colors, and styles.

Whether you are building a sidewalk, parking area, patio or full driveway, you will be sure to love your Willow Creek paving stones.

Rumford Masonry Fireplace Systems:

Tall and Elegant.

We are a distributor of Rumford Masonry Fireplaces.

We can deliver your Rumford Fireplace - from smaller fireplace jobs (24" wide opening) up to the large ones too (72" wide).

Superior Clay Products:

We carry everything needed to build a masonry chimney.

From the fire brick, chimney block and clay flues up to the precast concrete chimney cap, we are a one stop shop for all masonry chimney materials.

Easypour Tube and Bigfoot Forms:

Whether you are building a deck with 8" diameter footings or putting in a large sign base with a 48" diameter footing, we can get you the round tube forms that you need.

We also carry the Bigfoot footing forms to give your foundation a solid base.

Precast Concrete Items:

We precast a variety of concrete items including parking bumpers, chimney caps, stepping stones, deck posts, bunker blocks, sidewalk panels, splash/gutter blocks and round base pads.

We regularly do custom precast jobs - so if you need something out of the ordinary, let us know. We're confident we can help you out.

Other Related Construction Products:

We carry other construction products such as rebar, concrete sealer, anchor bolts, expansion joint materials and plastic drain tube.

Many of these products can be delivered on our concrete trucks with your concrete order to help save you time and hassle of chasing around for materials.