We are your ONE-STOP for all your Residential Concrete jobs.

We hear it all the time, "I didn't know I could just come here and order my concrete!? I thought we had to use a contractor!" That's right: We sure do! We are your one stop for all your residential needs.You don't have to be a construction contractor to work with us. Many of your neighbors are already coming here for the specific concrete they need for projects such as:
- Kennels
- Sidewalks
- Garage Aprons
- Garage Slabs
- Patios
- Basements
- ICF projects
DID YOU KNOW? There are many different kinds of concrete? It's not a simple 'One for all product'. We will engineer our concrete for you, specifically in ways that make it the best fit for the project at hand and to handle the unpredictable Northland weather!

Give us a call or stop by anytime and talk with our experienced staff who will help you find the exact product you need. Also, ask us about our COLORS options we have and the best kind of concrete for your specific project. We also have blocks, pavers, and other landscaping options for your dream project!