Aggregates & Recycled Concrete

Our aggregates and recycled concrete options offer the quality and versatility you need to ensure success!

Comprehensive Aggregates and Recycled Concrete Solutions

Arrowhead Concrete Works, Inc. specializes in providing a wide range of high-quality aggregate products suitable for various construction needs. Whether you're looking for large quantities for big projects or smaller amounts for home improvements, our delivery options are designed to accommodate your specific requirements. Our fleet includes large dump trucks for bulk deliveries as well as versatile boom trucks for more precise placement needs.

Our products are readily available for pickup at any of our locations. We cater to all sizes of customer requirements, from small 5-gallon pails to 2-yard dump trailers, up to 14-yard dump trucks. This flexibility ensures that whether you are a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, you have access to the right quantity of materials when and where you need them.

Diverse Product Offerings for Every Need

Washed Fractured Rock:

Ideal for a variety of applications including drainage, drain tile systems, and landscaping projects. Available in three sizes:

  • 1.5” Fractured Rock
  • 3/4" Fractured Rock
  • 3/8" Fractured Rock

Washed Sand:

Perfect for concrete mixing, this sand ensures your concrete is smooth and strong.

Washed Mason Sand:

A finer grade sand tailored for masonry needs, suitable for mortar mixes and block work projects.

Recycled Concrete:

Similar to Class 5 aggregate, this recycled concrete base material provides a sturdy foundation for driveways, paths, and building foundations. Once laid, it compacts into a solid, durable base.

Whether you’re embarking on a large commercial project or a small home renovation, Arrowhead Concrete Works’ aggregates and recycled concrete options offer the quality and versatility you need to ensure success. Visit us today to find the perfect materials for your next project!

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