Washed/Screened Sand and Gravel

We are able to deliver a range of products including concrete sand, mason sand, washed/screened rock, and recycled concrete base material in large dump truck quantities (or in smaller quantities using our versatile boom trucks).

These products can also be picked up at any of our locations. We regularly have customers that come in to pick up all sizes of loads - from 5 gallon pails to 2 yard dump trailers to 14 yard dump trucks

Get Your Washed Fractured Rock from Arrowhead Concrete & Block.

Three available sizes :
  • 1.5” - Fractured Rock
  • 3/4’ - Fractured Rock
  • 3/8” - Fractured Rock

A great product for drainage, drain tile, landscaping projects!

  • Washed Sand - Great use for making concrete and
  • Washed Mason Sand - For all your masonry needs, motor needs, and block-work projects.
  • Recycled Concrete - This project is most like Class 5. Once down, it will be a solid foundation for any driveway or foundation set.