Arrowhead Concrete's Aggregate, Heavy Duty Conveyors

Arrowhead Concrete and Block's Aggregate Conveyors are used for jobs that a regular concrete conveyor is just unable to do. Our customers need our aggregate conveyors for moving concrete material to tough, hard to reach locations up to 105 ft.

Arrowhead Concrete and Block's Placement Services up to 105ft

Let our Conveyor Aggregate Systems move YOUR concrete material to hard to reach locations!

Arrowhead Concrete and Block's Conveyor Systems:

Arrowhead Concrete and Block’s Conveyors are used for jobs that require additional logistics from placing challenges on your project. Our customers need our aggregate conveyors for moving concrete material to tough, hard to reach locations. At Arrowhead Concrete and Block, our systems can reach up to 105 ft and we will service the entire Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. Are you interested in these services but are not sure if we can get to your project? Call us for more information and special pricing outside of our local area.

Benefits of our Product:

  • More cost effective alternative to other placement options
  • Versatility with the ability to place other materials then just ready mix
  • Fully operated by specialized and skilled union team members

Our Equipment:

Tele 105

TRUCK-MOUNTED TELESCOPIC BELT CONVEYOR TELEBELT® TB 105 EASILY MANEUVERS TO THE EXACT POINT OF PLACEMENT With its low unfolding height, the TB 105 is designed for easy setup and operation in congested areas that don’t allow access for large machinery or have height restrictions. The four-section telescopic conveyor provides 105' of horizontal reach in heights! With six hopper options, it can efficiently remove large volumes and handle a wide variety of materials such as dirt, sand, stone, and gravel. The Tele 105 is ideal for projects such as wind farms, dams, and bridge decks.

Theam 52'

This conveyor’s durability has expanded reach and telescoping capacity 35-52 ft. From one position you can achieve considerable placing range. This is a good conveyor choice for operations entering placing service in a rural area.

Why you should choose Arrowhead Concrete and Block?

  • Arrowhead is the oldest locally, owned union ready mix concrete/block supplier in Northern Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin
  • Competitive Pricing
  • We are an award winning company from our concrete/ready mix services